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Beach Trip

One weekend in Fall and Spring term, Flems get away for a relaxing weekend at the beach! We have visited Oceanside the past few years and enjoyed beautiful weather, rejuvenating beach days, and fun nights back at the beach house.


Rose Bowl

Fleming's annual Rose Bowl event is a tradition unlike any other! Each year, we rent out the Spieker field at the Rose Bowl for a day and classes face off against each other in football, kickball, spikeball, and ultimate frisbee while our Ath team grills in the parking lot to keep us fueled. Alumni visit from far and wide to experience another day at the Rose Bowl.



BFP is Fleming's Interhouse and is always the last of the year! Typically around Memorial Day Weekend, the theme each year will always spell 'BFP' as an acronym! Last year, our theme was 'Bioluminescent Fish Party' and featured fluorescent paint and a blacklit stage.


Ski Trip

Each Winter term, Flems visit a ski resort for a fun weekend away. Some take to the slopes, but still others enjoy tubing or just hanging out in the cabin.


Wine and Candlelight

In addition to our standard formal dinners provided by CDS, Fleming hosts an additional candle-lit formal dinner each year! Flems help prepare the course-style meal then enjoy it with alumni-provided wine (and Martinelli's)!

Wine and Candlelight


We also have so many smaller events throughout the year! We have a family-style Thanksgiving, a spirited Holiday party and Secret Santa gift exchange, Fall Party, a Super Bowl cookout and watch party, P/F Party (hosted with Page!), formal dinners, and more!